Ok so tl;dr

  • some guy hacks icloud and gets tons of nude pics and vids of celebrities
  • posts it on anonymous image board 4chan
  • it spreads to imgur and reddit etc
  • feminists and sjw’s go crazy about rape culture and privacy rights and shit
  • meanwhile “lol whats the NSA and who is Snowden?”
  • anyway 4chan decides yet again to fuck with these retards with fake twitter hashtags because they were very successful in the past
  • convince women to post nude pics of themselves to twitter to stand in “solidarity” with Jennifer Lawrence and others who had their pics leaked
  • it works and women post pics of their tits and shit while people on 4chan laugh their asses off


Meanwhile its mostly all crickets from SJW’s and feminists about those 1,400 child rapes in the UK with police and officials trying to cover it up for 16 years because they were afraid of being called racist and being politically incorrect.

Tell me more about psychic rape though and why blurred lines is bad and why im a rapist because I looked at your tits :^)